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Yep, had to have a bowl the other day. Here’s Pho Tai Chin :)

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  1. einwolf says:

    jawohl! My usual order is simply ‘Pho chin nac’. I prefer the beef fully cooked and lean. Speaking of which an old coleague of mine is coming back to see us to have lunch together tomorrow. He expressed an interest in Pho and he’s a Pole. Pho has made its present known. In any event, I am not rightly sure which restaurant to go to in Milpitas. Different strokes for different folks. Noodle houses closed by are Pho Mai, Pho 54, Pho Kim Long, Pho Nam, Pho Bac (now is Rex). Pho 54 is one that we’ve crossed out from our map a long time ago because of an incident. Pho Mai we frequent more often (at least before I switched over to a strict salad diet) but I think we probly will go to Rex because it has other dishes for the others who don’t want Pho. Aye, it’s been a while old friend…

  2. Khuong says:

    Hey, wasn’t Pho Mai the one with slippery noodles? I hope they’ve improved since I was there 7 years ago. Man I feel old. Anyway, around Mountain View, Pho Nam is the best, hands down. I’ve converted a couple of people in my office. Best thing to do before eating a bowl is to try one spoonful of soup before adding anything else (sauces, limes, chiles, etc). Then you get a real feel for the quality of the beef stock they they use. Often if I eat pho after 1pm on a weekday, I call it “nuoc rua bat” which means dishwater in Vietnamese. The way it works is that the 20 gallon pot in the back of the kitchen holds about 2 hours worth of good soup for a full restaurant. Then after 1 or 2pm they add chicken/beef broth. This isn’t as good as the slow cooked batch but since they’re at the bottom and only two customers in the store they’ll make do before the dinner rush…

    So as for a bottle of “pure nuoc mam” to sweeten it up when eating after a rush.

  3. zarthsan says:

    Really? You crossed out Pho 54? I have been there several times and recieved nothing but the greatest soup (although, I must admit, the waiter was a whole new shade of ugly). I am curious as to what happened, as I plan on going back in a couple weeks (I live in SLO, north of LA, and was going to stop by on my way back through).

    Anyways, you say Pho Nam is the best? What is the address? I would love to give it a try when I am driving through next!

    (and email reply would be greatly appreciated, if you have a chance!)

  4. Khuong says:

    There are two Pho54 and two(three?) Pho Nam in bay area I am aware of. One if Milpitas and one in Alum Rock in San Jose. The Pho54 in San Jose is good. The Pho Nam I go to is the one off Lawrence Expressway. They are best on weekdays when it is crowded. The line goes out the door on a normal day at lunchtime. That’s when it is best.

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