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Site software updated

This is one of those “what I had for dinner” posts…

In light of the recent wikipedia hack, I checked up on the software I’m running and everything is secure and up-to-date (including all the LAMP stuff, rebuilding Apache and whatnot).

WordPress 1.2.1 is now 1.2.2. Backed up the database and the rest of the site content. The upgrade went well, no rollbacks needed. Final reboot was ok so the seatbelt light is off and we’re back to cruising again…

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2 Responses to “Site software updated”

  1. einwolf says:

    Just like you rightly put once… we are doing this for the love of it, not more, not less…. your stage, your song, no need for seatbelts…
    btw, what’s the deal with Gumbee’s link? I can’t get to it. I left my camera with him for a few minutes on new years eve and when it came time for downloading I found 2 shots that ain’t mine, that plus I caught sight of him caressing the camera and eying the still-life. So I am a bit curious to see his works. Never thought of Gumbee in the artsy scene until then.

  2. Khuong says:

    The link works for me, check it out again. You need flash installed on your browser. It looks pretty slick!

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