Point and shoot.

A few days left

My journey is about to come to an end in a few days and I’ll be back in the States. The really interesting photos will start coming next week when I’ve had a chance to edit my work and post some of the more interesting images. There are many photo opportunities here in Thailand and one could spend a lifetime shooting pictures and never grow tired of the beauty that is all around.

I made a conscious decision not to bring my laptop and I sort of regret it. It would have made blogging much easier and also enabled me to edit my camera images for immediate sharing. However, the point of a vacation is to be away from all the connectivity that surrounds us.

After almost three weeks, I have no idea what is going on in the workd. I have not looked at one blog (even for my hobbies such as computers and photography). I’m completely out of the loop with regards to the state of all things digital. A month ago if you asked me which is the latest camera/phone model or the price of RAM/CPU I could blurt it out in a second. Today if you ask me the same thing I’ll probably give you a blank stare and repeate some Buddhist philosophical quote. Vacations do work. Try it :)

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