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Compiling Asterisk on the PS3. Running a PBX from your Playstation 3.

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This is for anyone who might be interested in using the PS3 game console as a VoIP server, running Asterisk. The console is quite pricy at $599, but as a dual-core, headless server possibly capable of hosting hundreds of free VoIP calls, it’s extremely cheap.

I was able to successfully build Asterisk v1.2.14 on the Sony PS3 running Fedora Core 5 and the Cell Addons for SPU support.

The basic steps are pretty simple and I’ll detail them in another post. If you are anxious to try and build it, just comment out “chan_phone” out of the Makefile and it will compile to the end without error.

This machine needs to share time between Linux and Resistance:Fall of Man, so I hope you understand if I don’t get back to this post soon. I do intend to run a full SIPP load test against this “server” and post my findings. As a point of reference, I’m running another Asterisk box on an Compaq Presario (AMD64 3500/512MB) running TrixBox. The system cost us $599 coincidently, and maxes out at 350 concurrent calls before hitting 100% CPU utilization.

I have no idea how the PS3will perform, since it only has 256MB (but XDR memory is supposedly faster than DDR3) — we’ll find out in a few days. I know this is an apples to oranges comparison, so the only common denominators are the Asterisk source code and the price of the machines.

I can try to do some more useful tests or monitoring if people have some suggestions.



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