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Zenview 6-panel 24" display…OMFG

Zenview Command Center Elite: 6-Screen Display with 24″ Premium LCD Screens, DVI + Analog + TV Video Inputs

My display is rather old (a cheapo GEM 18″ LCD) which is getting crunky and spotty. It’s affecting my photography lately. Some of my photos are rather flat, not due to the subject matter but as a direct result of the post-processing editing on a poor display. I originally had my Nvidia digital vibrance turned up, and so I was developing my RAW images based on these boosted settings on the screen. This resulted in over compensation of the final image which looks flat on monitors without digital vibrance (practically everything from mobiles to the PC in the next cubicle).

The puppy shown here is only $8000. Time to start saving those quarters :)

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2 Responses to “Zenview 6-panel 24" display…OMFG”

  1. MCStylez says:

    Not as close to perfection as this guy:
    MasterPlex 30D

    That’s something awesome. Well, ok, they’re both beautiful. I’d take either one.

  2. Khuong says:


    Thx for the link.

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