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Kryptonite discovered in Serbian mine.

BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | ‘Kryptonite’ discovered in mine

Life imitates art.

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stamen of an unknown plant

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Something I caught over the weekend.

I left a hummingbird feeder out for the past several months and treated my backyard guests to a daily free meal. As they are accustomed to the feeder, I set up my lighting and camera equipment and left it out, unmanned for an entire day. The hummers were cautious at first, then curious. As they realized the gear posed no threat, they resumed their normal feeding pattern – busiest feedings are dawn until about 10am and dusk up until just after 7pm. They come back every 10 minutes and often fight over the feeder. The males are more cautious than the females, who linger and feed for almost two minutes. The males will take a dip and immediately fly off.

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I spotted what looked like a large winged insect flying by the bushes on my walk back from lunch. Turned out to be a green Katydid. This is a female, full of eggs and ready to deposit them. I’ve managed to catch a few portraits. I’ll let her free tonight.

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Ant v.3 – panoramic macro

This is the final version of my ant image.

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The head of an ant

This is the closeup image of the head of an ant. It was taken with the Sigma SD10 digital SLR and the standard “kit” lens (55-200 f/4.0~5.6) with a Nikon normal prime lens reverse-mounted on the front to act as a magnifier.

I used scotch tape. I think I’ll make a deluxe version with electrical tape.

No bellows, no extension tubes, no fancy magnifying lens attachments.

Total budget – 25 cents.

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Invisible worlds

Every day objects have new meaning when viewed through a macro photography lens. The Extreme Closeups photo set shows everything from Cigar labels to coffee grounds all at high magnification.

My next goal is to double this magnification to see what things look like when they are nearly abstract.

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Life cycle of a drop of water

This is a series of images depicting a water droplet and its effects on a pool of water.

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A box that can predict the future, time flowing backwards, and Deja Vu…

This article discusses some interesting research being done about the ability to predict the future. It opens up alot of other possiblities about the way the human mind works and its possible relationship with time and physics. Deja Vu might be a real phenomenon that we all experience from time to time. So far no one has been able to disprove the black box experiments and what`s even more scary is that it accurately predicted September 11 and the recent tsunami which claimed a quarter million people.

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