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Hello world

I just set up my iphone with the mobile version of wordpress, so hopefully I’ll be able to update the site more frequently.


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Site software updated

This is one of those “what I had for dinner” posts…

In light of the recent wikipedia hack, I checked up on the software I’m running and everything is secure and up-to-date (including all the LAMP stuff, rebuilding Apache and whatnot).

WordPress 1.2.1 is now 1.2.2. Backed up the database and the rest of the site content. The upgrade went well, no rollbacks needed. Final reboot was ok so the seatbelt light is off and we’re back to cruising again…

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About this site


I’ve moved my site to a new provider.  Dedicated server was getting pricey and I have the same services at the new location but with much better price since it’s a shared hosting plan.

Tools in use:

Flock web browser (it rocks!)

WordPress 2.0

Ubuntu Linux 7.04 (Feisty Fawn)

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Testing, one, two, three, four…

Finally got around to installing my new blog. I’m becoming somewhat of a blog install-a-holic. Phpnuke, postnuke, movabletype, mambo, xoops, and now my latest interest – wordpress.

Welcome, take off your shoes and please look around. I’ll get around to posting once I’ve tweaked the scripts a little. I kind of like this one in its simplicity.

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