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Docker termination signals

Docker Automatic Restart Policy

The Docker container can detect that PID 1 (main process) has stopped and will automatically restart the container if ‘docker run –restart=always’ is enabled. However, there are some signals not honored if the PID was killed using certain signals. Here is some data based on testing, as a reference:

This list applies to both Mac (running Docker-Machine) and Linux (all flavors). Tested on Docker v1


Signal ID

Signal Type

Triggers container restart?

1 (HUP)



2 (INT)



3 (QUIT)



4 (ABRT)



9 (KILL)



14 (ALRM)



15 (TERM)





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Who’s on First?

Tonight I spent the evening showing my son how to program a teleporter in Minecraft. Teleporters require coordinates to work. So the exchange went something like this:

Me: You are here. It is represented as [x, y, z] which is [-219, 54, 453].
Son: Ok!
Me: So, where are you?
Son: Here. (points to screen)
Me: No! Where are you in space?
Son: I’m not in space, I’m on the ground.
Me: No! What are your coordinates?
Son: Oh, it’s [x, y, z].
Me: No! What are your number coordinates, in space?
Son: Oh, it’s [-219, 54, 453]. But I want to teleport over there.
Me: But over there needs coordinates. That is [-200, 55, 450] and here is [-219, 54, 453].
Son: Ok, I got it!

We looked up how to enable the debugger, and this opened up a whole new world for him. All the coordinates appeared in realtime, so I think he’s going to go crazy building teleporters this weekend.

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PS3 firmware v1.80 allows Media Server access

PS3 Firmware v1.80 on Flickr – Photo Sharing!

The latest firmware update allows PS3 to act as a client for DLNA-enabled Media Servers. Since I don’t have a DLNA enabled device, I’m running TwonkyVision Media Server. This software DLNA media server supports XP, OSX, Linux and a long list of embedded NAS devices from all your favorite brands.

Whatever they were smoking to come up with that name, I want some of it.

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